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GMC OIL COMPANY is successfully dealing more than 80 (1930) years with crude oil processing and production of oil derivatives and manufacturing motor oil and lubricants. GMC OIL COMPANY manufactures base oils, motor oils, greases for industrial use etc.

DIVISION GMC OIL COMPANY includes refineries, which are situated in more location worldwide.

,,GMC OIL COMPANY,, is owner and co-owner of more oil refineries in different parts of the world.
,,GMC OIL COMPANY,, is also dealing with natural gas.

,,GMC OIL Group,,  is an INTERNATIONAL company that has its subsidiaries all over America and in many other countries worldwide (South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, New Zealand, Australia)  It has 21 Agencies and Subsidiaries in USA and 55 Agencies and Subsidiaries around the world.
All these Agencies and Subsidiaries had been established during last 83 years.

In 2004, GMC OIL Group has established new subsidiary in Newark-USA and Hong Kong-ASIA.

,,GMC OIL COMPANY,, from USA, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, New Zealand, Australians,   the International Department of wide GMC OIL family.

Division ,,GMC OIL COMPANY,, has its subsidiaries, in more European countries (15) which deal with distribution of  oil products and Motor Oils, Lubricants etc.

,,GMC OIL COMPANY,,DIVISION in EU has modernly equipped laboratories. This up-to-date laboratory is able to perform all types of analyses.
As part of great organized system Division GMC OIL COMPANY from EU gives contribution in company development program with his active involving on the project.

GMC OIL COMPANY as one of authorized subsidiaries from GMC OIL Group, includes in its program investment activities in new refineries and purchasing of existing refineries worldwide in order to organize processing of crude oil and production of oil derivatives and also development of new technologies in oil processing and production of oil derivatives.